An EMP Pulse At Least Would Have Been A Better Explanation

I am cursed by technology. Within the past few months, the following pieces of electronics have failed me: digital camera, iPod touch, Nintendo DS, printer, Wii, laptop, and digital scale. Yes, even the little scale rebelled. Some of these poor devices were victims of encounters with a small child, or water, or a combination of the two. Some of them, however, just died a horrible death for no reason that I could fathom. These things are supposed to come in threes. This is more like a plague.

However! Some exciting things are happening in analog-world. Cameron has started kindergarten. That deserves a post all its own. I am hatching chicks, to replace the three birds we’ve lost this summer. Again, will delve into that another time. I have a drum carder, and it cards wool just like … well, like a drum carder. I’m writing, I’m doing yarn crafts, I am obsessed with comic books. What else is new?

Well i’ll tell you what else is new! I would like to remind the world that I have a new book of short stories available at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. It is free or “pick you price” through the former, and $3.96 (currently on sale) through the latter. These particular stories are not romance/erotica, like my work through Circlet Press is. Below is the Smashwords summary, and the cover. Enticing, right? I would love to hear what you think!

“In Hearth and Harvest, Julie Cox explores the roles of parents and children through stories steeped in magic, wonder, grief and inevitability. A farmer hatches an unlikely egg; a barren girl searches for a god; death and birth abound, and creators clash with their creations. These six stories find the fantastic in the mundane, and the grounded, dirty world in the unreal. ”



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