Spinalong Ideas

So I’ve had a niche within a niche idea for a spinalong. What’s a spinalong? Glad you asked! It’s where I dye an card fiber then mail it to the participants to spin into yarn. Or felt, or eat, ya know, whatever strikes their fancy. I’ve seen plenty of cool ideas for spinalongs – 40s pinup girls, flowers, seasons, knights vs dragons, you name it. I was struck by an idea, and it has delighted me. Let’s see if it delights anyone else.

I’d like to do a spinalong based on geek culture icons. These are my ideas:

Neil Gaiman – a big cloud of salt-and-pepper mohair locks, with a few shocks of blood red thrown in, just for scariness. Possibly a button with a white dog or bees.

Wil Wheaton – not sure. How can fiber be as geeky, snarky, adorable and awesome as Wil Wheaton? That’s a real challenge. It might have to be from a bunny. It’s the only thing cuter.

Carl Sagan – Obviously something nebula-colored. Maybe silk.

Stephen Hawking – fiber in a wheelchair? Ok that was dark. Maybe a color-changing roving from colorful down to a black center. Black hole, ya know?

There are so many other possibilities. Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Tesla, Felicia Day, mmmmmm, Joss Whedon … Ok now I’m just thinking about things done by Joss Whedon. I digress! This has possibilities. Share with me your thoughts, noble readers. And you Mublood readers too.