I don’t get nearly as much time to read as I would like. I do well to get enough peaceful time to catch up on the few blogs that I attempt to keep up with. But, I thought I would share some of the very few books I’ve managed to sneak in lately.

Sunshine, by Robin McKinley – A great vampire book for those of you who like vampires but want something significantly different from “True Blood” / “Twilight” / Anne Rice / etc. Neil Gaiman called it “just about perfect,” which is why I picked it up in the first place.

The Line Between, by Peter Beagle – This fellow is best known for “The Last Unicorn.” Believe me, the rest of his writing is quite wonderful. This particular book is like a box of Godiva chocolates; I know exactly what I’m going to get, thank you very much, because of the author’s notes / chocolates guide. I’ve taken forever to consume it, savoring one at a time with an intentionally long time in between. And each and every one is wonderful, including the one I had to put down because it scared the shit out of me. This is where my chocolates metaphor breaks down, by the way.

Fables, by Bill Willingham – I know I’m plenty late to the party on this one. Willingham won *mumble mumble* awards for this comic series. It will go up by “Sandman” in “The Case for Why Comic Books are a Relevant Medium.”

Mouse Guard, by David Petersen – Another one for the Comics Are Relevent wall. A fantastic series about survival, heroics, sacrifice and mice.

Dark Tower Comics – Ok so I’m on a comic spree. I was going to skip this one, since everyone knows Stephen King’s Dark Tower series is the shit, but Peter David was involved with this one. And it seems like every time I turn around, Peter David is turning up involved in things I love. I must stalk this man.

Peter Pan, by JM Barrie – I put this one in here because I had the most lovely moment the other night over at the McCown’s. The boys were all playing nicely. I worked on knitting a sock for Xander while Jen read passages from Peter Pan. There wasn’t anything particularly extraordinary about that moment, it was just one of superb peace and contentment.

Alright, I think that’s all for the moment. Happy reading all!


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