The Newest, Fuzziest Addition

I was at war with myself for some time over whether to get an Angora rabbit. First, I decided yes, and went on a quest for one. What I came home with, ultimately, was not an angora but a lionhead cross that suckered me at the humane society. Who can look at a fuzzy, dirty rabbit with matts, who hops into laps and snuggles, and say no? I love Lavender, and she does give a little wool, but my heart still longed for a proper wooler.

I hemmed and hawed. I talked to breeders about breed, temperament, whether to pluck or shear. I was reminded that we wanted to have a baby next year, and would I have time for an Angora then? I tossed the idea of English angoras right out the window. Adorable as they were, I needed something lower maintenance if an Angora was in my future. A fawn French came my way, and still I resisted – I wanted something white, so I could dye the wool if I wanted. But I disliked red eyes, which the vast majority of white rabbits have.

Then Mary Steel announced her German/Satin woolers had a litter, all black – and one little white bunny. German and Satin?! What a combo! And from a group of bunnies kept primarily for their wool! And white! And within driving distance! I steeled my nerves, and told her I wanted him. Her. Whatever.

And in a little over a week, just before my birthday, ze bunny will get to come home! I’m very excited. He/she is looking like a pointed or shaded white, which means a possibility of no red eyes. Even better! It will be interesting to see what shade of white his/her wool ends up being. Right now it appears to be a shade of ermine, but there’s no telling. We will see! I am sure the wool will be awesome to spin with. And, new bunny to snuggle and obsess over and feed treats! Best of all, Germans are big and easy to care for, so I feel confident that the new baby will not be a serious detriment to bunny care. Whenever this baby appears. Sometime next year. No I’m not pregnant. Trust me you will know when I am. Because pregnant women are smug and talk about being pregnant ALL THE TIME. Having been a pregnant woman twice before I feel I am a minor expert on this.

So! Bunny picture, courtesy of Mary!

Baby Bunny

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