The Tiny Tyrant

I have an alternative to ZOMG. It is XOMG. It is when Xander is involved.

My beloved little two-year-old, Xander, is tiny and pale, with hay-colored hair, sky blue eyes and a perfect, luminous complexion. He is loving and endlessly smiling. He is also the living embodiment of destruction. This week alone is a perfect example of his rare, continuously practiced art. In the time it took for me to run downstairs for a towel and return, he got out of the bath, found my Nintendo DS and dropped it in the bath water. A few days later he walked up, picked up my phone, babbled at it for a minute as he likes to do, then dropped it neatly into my coffee. He figured out the cabinet latches in the kitchen, grabbed the soda ash (a dye fixative), shook it wildly and got it into his eye, requiring a 7:30 PM dash to my brother’s for help holding the boy down to irrigate his eye for ten minutes.

Ever try to pour water in a two-year-old’s forced-open eye for ten minutes? It is the stuff of nightmares.

I love my son, but he is Trouble. He is sneaky, highly intelligent, curious and creative. These are traits that will serve him well as he grows up. They do not, however, serve ME well. Is it really any wonder I retreat into fiber when he’s worn me out? But these days, even fiber-world has a host of things that are as yet undone. I need to get Phat Fiber samples ready to go – and that is a greater undertaking than I really comprehended. I am learning. I think it will be good, just … so many details to think about! I need business cards. I need to reach beyond the crippling self-doubt that tries to creep up and tap me on the shoulder. I need to stop comparing myself to people who have been at this for years. And of course, I need wool, oh so luscious wool to sink my hands into and sigh happily. When I went to meet my knitting group last night, I took a handful of especially nice merino in my pocket to fiddle with on the way there. Just the feel of it is comforting when I am nervous, while my stomach turns and my shoulders hunch up into boulders.

So the list of things that need to happen within the next couple of weeks …

– Finish Phat Fiber samples
– Make business cards and attach to samples and yarns
– Take pictures of samples and yarns
– Mail samples
– List samples (and full sized versions thereof) on Etsy
– List any missing yarns on Etsy (I think there are one or two)
– Finish Circlet story “The Eagle and the Austringer,” begin “Stockholm”
– Oh shit someone asked me for a leather bookmark and I completely forgot!
– Set up cage for BUNNY
– Make a blog post about the bunny, because he deserves his own
– Grapple with my inner demons
– Laundry

Yup, that about does it. Let’s see how that goes …


  1. Jen McCown said,

    March 30, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    VistaPrint gets you free cards, shipping only (about $6). I highly recommend them.

  2. dieweedsdie said,

    March 30, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    Thanks Jen! I will look at that.

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