Jaws, The Yarn

I just had an oddly Jaws-like moment of looking at the little sample of tailspun Lincoln longwool yarn I spun, looking at the crochet hook in my hand and thinking to myself in a doomsday voice, “I’m going to need a bigger hook.”

Tailspun yarn is HARD. It involved spinning a core of yarn and laying individual, intact locks of wool against the yarn with the tip hanging out, and letting the “tail” of the lock spin into the yarn, thus making a yarn with lots of long strands hanging out of it. My “tails” are several inches long, and that’s making for an extremely thick and furry yarn. Which is hard to spin anyway, because it’s slow, and keeps getting caught in the flyer of my wheel. But the effect is very cool. I’m going to spend part of today determining if I in fact need a bigger hook, or if I simply ought to go after a smaller yarn-shark.

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