The Future’s Pretty Cool

I love all things geeky. I love science and nature and how frakking amazing our world really is. I love the word frak. Before this turns into a Discovery commercial, let me explain why I say all this. It’s easy to talk about what you hate. It’s easy to go off on a rant, to notice what’s wrong and complain. But if to bitch is human, then to squee is divine. I think the sheer unbelievable awesomeness of our world is cause for celebration every single day. We’re better off now than we have ever been, and if you need proof of that, read history and get some perspective. We have medical care, we are finding out more about ourselves and our world than was ever possible, and perhaps more than anything else, we are actively trying to be the best we can be, both individually and as a society. We might flop on our faces in the wet concrete on a regular basis, but it’s the fact that we’re even striving to better ourselves that is remarkable. And it gets better every day. I really believe that.

So complain all you want about the government, about greed and malice and pain and bitterness and bigotry. Me, I’m going to look for the unprecedented concern humanity has for the needy, the extraordinary advances in science and technology, the joy of sharing creativity in ways that have never been possible before, and the love we strive to show each other, in spite of everything.

In the immortal words of the XKCD, the future’s pretty cool. And here’s Wil Wheaton saying it, along with Neil Gaiman saying he loves mysteries, and a lot of other people doing some very interesting things.

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