Bunny bunny bunny

Today I clipped Lavender for the first time. Lavender Yarnbringer, for those of you who do not know her, is a gray lionhead cross I got from the Humane Society about a month ago. She is much woolier than most lionheads, which made me think I could spin some of her fur. An introduction to a fiber animal, since I wouldn’t HAVE to shear her if I decided this was not for me after all. So far, it’s working well. She likes to be groomed and is a real sweetheart. I didn’t get much wool this time because I was too afraid of cutting her with the scissors. With more practice I’ll get more from her. This time I got about a tenth of an ounce. C’mon, Lav, that’s like $.50 worth! Grow more wool! There is a possibility I’ll get a chocolate tort in April. We will see …

For the Ravelympics, I’ve whittled my ambitions down a bit:
Fleece to FO Event: Lincoln wool creamsicle window dragon
Hat: Amelia Earhart hat, using ecru merino/angora and brown llama

And that will be all for now. We’ll see what else strikes my fancy between now and then.

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