Moar Geek Squee Pleez

It’s official – Neil Gaiman is writing an episode of Doctor Who. I love it when my loves love each other. (What a sentence of love that was. I’m on cold meds now so bear with me.) There’s this big ball of creative energy out there that seems to cross-pollinate within itself so often, and I so want to be a part of it. Comics and crafting, Gaiman and Wheaton, Felicia Day and The Yarn Harlot … They inspire such a desire to CREATE in me! For real, how much awesome is there in this picture? Ok so I haven’t seen evidence of, say, The Yarn Harlot knitting Neil Gaiman a Doctor Who scarf. That kind of Small Worldness might just make me explode.

So it’s good that today I am going to teach a drop spindle class, even if I’m not making any money for it, and even if I’m going to be sick while I do it, because I will be the one inspiring. I will be able to give other people the opportunity to, in the immortal words of The Wheaton, “get excited and make things.” And that’s important to me, so important. I might not have a career, I might be the perpetual little sister of the world, but dammit, I can make shit, and I’m going to help you make shit too.

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