All Washed Up

I finally got the Lincoln x Leicester wool all washed, dried, weighed and bagged. I am not sure if you need a Ravelry account to see this (so if you do not and the link works, please tell me so I can edit this and look all professional and shit.) Here are links, regardless.

Also – husky felts! I got a felting tool today, so while we were at my brother’s house I grabbed a handful of fur off his shedding husky and fiddled with it. A short while later I had a felt egg made of husky fur. I declared it a husky egg, which would shortly hatch a husky. My husband called me weird. Ha, he hasn’t seen anything yet.

The Plan, by the way, that this leads to: a volunteer effort to help rescues for huskies, malamutes, samoyeds and other spitz-type dogs. I figure the fosters can collect the dog’s fur as they groom them, send the fur to me, I can spin it / felt it / make it into stuff, sell it on Ravelry and Etsy, and donate the profits back to the rescue. I mean, it’s taking something the rescue already has – fur – donating a little time and effort, and getting back money for the dogs! Sounds like a win-win to me.

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