Wool Gathering

Ahhh … I have wool. Lots and lots of wool.

I’ve had the llama a long time now. After I finally got it washed awhile back – which was way stinky – I then had the great joy (/sarcasm) of picking through three pounds of llama to get out the worst of the vegetable matter, the second cuts (bits that are too short to use), the guard hairs (long, coarse hair that is no use to me) and the generally unusuable bits, of which there were legion. Yesterday, I finally got to see some of this prep work pay off when I carded the black-bay llama with a little bit of dark red angora rabbit and spun it up. Sooooo soft and nice! I am pleased.

Then there’s the Jacob wool. It’s coarser than the last bit I had, and I have more of it, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Maybe a bag or something. But I’ve spun up two bobbins worth now, about 2.5 ounces maybe. We’ll see how much I end up with.

I have two little balls of yarn that I’m also saving for the Ravelympics – merino/angora that’s a nice ecru, and some mohair/llama fingering weight that is brown, apricot and blue. No idea what to do with it.

Aaaaand now for the wool tale! My husband bought 5 pounds of raw wool, with the idea that I would process it and resell it, cleaned and carded and maybe dyed. So I’ve been scouring lots of this stuff! The pound of Leicester I’m going to keep, but I have about two and a half pounds of Lincoln Longwool that is nice stuff. I’m going to dye a bunch of it, I think, since the tips are pretty stained. The black/brown longwool is still soaking. It’s a really nice fleece, I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

I dyed some pygora today. It’s such nice stuff. I dyed some a really gorgeous yellow, and attempted badly to dye some of it gray. I failed. It’s brown. I must’ve dyed that stuff four times trying to get gray, but Kool Aid just doesn’t mix out to gray. It was pink, then blue, then green, and now brown. Ah well. I still have some gray kid mohair around here somewhere.

I’ll post pictures when I have some!

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