Spinning and Crafting and Blogging and Learning

A ton of projects in the works. I’m going to do a bullet point instead of trying to make a coherent paragraph out of this.

– I recently carded and finally spun up a nice sized bunch of merino and angora into some off-white yarn. I’m not sure what I’ll make of it, but perhaps a very soft hat.

– Carding lots of mini-batts. I want that damn scale to arrive so I can weigh them and know how much fiber is in them. I have to sell some of this fiber so I can buy other fiber.

– Crocheted an original pattern, which I will post on here when I feel it is ready for the world, with fingering weight black and red yarn I bought forever ago at Yarn Heaven. At the time I found it strange to spend $14 on yarn. Ahhh, what an innocent I was. The project itself is a pair of cobweb-y gloves that are absolutely pointless.

– Went to a tincture class last night. While the information was helpful, I got a greater kick out of talking with the people

– Finally gave E her sewing machine. I hope she will enjoy it and it will not be a burden, since it is a not entirely functional, kind of delicate machine from about 1873. She made a jazz hands kind of movement when we gave it to her, so perhaps it was a success.

– Might teach a henna class this spring, once I know anything about henna.

– Will definitely teach a drop spindle class next month.

– Have a brand new rescued bunny that appears to be a cross between a lionhead and an angora. Her name is Lavender, and she is beautiful and I love her.

– Have laminate floors and am much pleased by them.

– Am frustrated with a story called “Herd Instinct” because it wants to be a novella and I have less than 2 weeks to finish it. Must revise into short story.

– Am obsessed with “Sons of Anarchy.”

– Am obsessed with Richard Armitage.

– One of the two above things is new.

– I am so very pleased with the news that Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are getting married. I don’t know why I am so pleased, except that it demonstrates that somewhere in the world, two creative people are being happily creative together, sharing love and ideas and enjoying the creativity of the other person as much as their own. And that makes me happy too.

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