Spin On It

A couple of weeks ago, I bought an antique spinning wheel. It had been a display piece for some time, and I approached with some trepidation the task of putting it back to work. I got the whorl off the flyer, took off the bobbin and cleaned out all the gunk under it. A wooden peg had half-rotted out of the treadle, so I jury-rigged that until I can carve a proper wooden replacement. I oiled the metal moving parts, put beeswax on the drive bands, adjusted and readjusted the tension, aaaaand …


So I now have a proper, working spinning wheel that also happens to be over a hundred years old. I don’t know a thing about its history, but I’m working on it. It was made by a craftsman, not a company, which makes dating the thing harder but also makes it more interesting. Here, a picture for you …

spinning wheel

In other news, I’ve been working like mad on a number of projects – a short story series about shapeshifters for Circlet, a story to enter in the current On The Premises contest, a steampunk story that won’t go away, and a Bex and Bobby story with Brandy that almost certainly won’t be done by the deadline we’d intended. I began talking last night with my good friend Jen of the Mightnight DBAs about offering audio downloads and short story PDFs / Kindle downloads. I got very excited about it, and I hope to have something like that up in the next couple of months. Now if the kids will just get off of me …

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