Stinky Llama and Sneaky Cats

If anyone ever wondered which was stinkier, raw angora goat fur or raw llama fur, I can now inform you firsthand that llama is indeed stinkier. I have another 5 loads to go. This may have to wait awhile. My house smells like the State Fair of Texas.

In less aromatic news, I made a delightful little bit of yarn today from green baby alpaca and white angora rabbit, which smells like nothing. It reminds me of evergreens covered in a thin layer of frost.

Also, my preschool aged son asked me what our cat’s whole name was. His name, I said, is King Theodan of Rohan, and we call him Theo. I told him all cats have 3 names, and that third name was known only to the cat. So my son, with all the innocence of youth, told me quite bald-faced that Theo had once come into his room and talked to him, and told him his secret name. He wouldn’t tell it to me though.

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