I have a new obsession: spinning my own yarn. As unlikely as this seems, I have found it to be a slow but incredibly meditative, calming process. The raw material is hypnotic. I especially have enjoyed meeting the animals from whom the fiber came. Of less enjoyment was washing 4 ounces of raw mohair. While I appreciated the opportunity it take the wool from its natural state, straight from the goat, all the way to a finished product, I shall henceforth be buying batts. I boiled that wool for 20 minutes at 170 degrees, per Mea’s instructions. She said it would be a messy process. I just didn’t realize how bad it would be to have the house filled with the scent of boiling goat musk. Still, it was lovely when it was finished.

Mea’s farm is wonderful, and her material is both cheap and top notch. Her farm can be found here:
Stony Woods Farm

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